Asaf Avidan Kicks Off North American Tour

A musician with immense talent. A vocalist who truly owns his voice. An animated character and pure entertainer. Asaf Avidan is the epitome of a one man band.

Avidan has a masterful stage presence, playing multiple instruments at a time, and recording short repetitive beats that become his background ensemble. To ice the cake, his vocals run the gamut of sound, making a stop at every octave along the way.

If nothing else, he is an impressive artist and a refreshing entertainer. He’s a little unorthodox, but it’s what makes him unique. And uniqueness is a tough thing to come by in music today.

Avidan is on his first ever North American tour. He began in Washington, DC and will travel throughout the US and Canada for the next six weeks before returning to tours in the Middle East and Europe. 12648288985_e06ca12127_h