Brooklyn => TriBeCa

It’s freezing, so what? Cold crisp air, frozen East River, limited foot traffic … sounds like a perfect recipe for a little urban safari.

Every New York photographer has those epic shots of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline in the warmth and comfort of summer, but the dead-of-winter folio isn’t as widely known.

Sunny skies and 28 degrees lured me to the old wooden planks of the Brooklyn Bridge, likely one of the most photographed bridges in the world. And while it was as impressive as ever, I was distracted by what views the DUMBO side of the river might have to offer.

In all fairness, this was a virgin crossing. I had walked the bridge before but never set foot on the Brooklyn side. Boy was I missing out. DUMBO is a fantastic area. It’s artsy and trendy, loaded with restaurants, and quickly becoming a hotbed for high-end residential units. And how could it not? Facing the right direction, on the right floor, you’d have a front row view of the entire island of Manhattan from your bedroom.

After wiping the drool from my mouth, I ventured into Brooklyn Bridge Park, which runs along the banks of the East River and offers thrilling views of the city.

The river was about 80% frozen over, and had it not been for the tug boats and ferries, it would have been one big sheet of ice. But the flowing mini-bergs created an entirely different frame with every passing second – resulting in 100% unique images no matter how many times you slammed down on the trigger.

Of course I had to cover the sweeping landscapes, Tom Fruin’s Kolonihavehus, and the Bridge(s), but a lovelock won the day. Some tourist at some point secured a Master Lock bearing the letters “NYC” to the fencing along the boardwalk. With Lower Manhattan in the background bokeh, it made for one of my favorite shots of the outing.

Half-frozen and hungry, I climbed back onto the bridge as the sun began its evening descent. Warm yellows lit up the skyline as I briskly trekked back into Manhattan. Once shrouded in the comforting shadows of skyscrapers, I turned right and ended my day with a few frames from TriBeCa – one of my favorite parts of the city.

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