Frosty Fight on the National Mall

Heavily armored in ski pants and winter coats, hundreds of DC’s bravest amassed on the National Mall for a wintry battle of epic proportions.

Both sides employed a strategy inspired by the days of revolutionary warfare. They stood face-to-face on either side of a great divide. Ammunition was feverishly acquired as seconds ticked down until, “CHAAAARGE!”

The two sides rushed toward eachother as if this was their final duty on earth. Upon meeting in the center, a cloud of white, frosty powder exploded into the air.  And the sounds of shrills, shrieks, and laughter echoed throughout the mall.

For the past few years, Washington, DC has been a hotbed for colossal snowball fights. The first organized skirmish occurred during the infamous blizzard of 2010, which is affectionately remembered as the original “Snowmageddon.”

Hundreds of students and wired-in DC’ers gathered in Dupont Circle for a battle that not only went viral, but established a precedent for future snow days in the city.

Since that day, whenever the District experiences substantial snowfall, the Washington D.C. Snowball Fight Association gathers the masses for all out snowy war. Kandel_Snow_3 Kandel_Snow_12 Kandel_Snow_9 Kandel_Snow_6 Kandel_Snow_10 Kandel_Snow_11 Kandel_Snow_13