District Snow Day

While meteorologists love to predict monumental snow storms for the district, DC usually ends up with a dusting to an inch at most. This past storm wasn’t exactly a dusting, but it certainly wasn’t the 8 inches newscasters were clamoring about. But, unlike past storms which haven’t left much more than a trace since I can remember, DC did receive a 3 or 4 inch thick blanket of fresh powder – which made for great pictures.

Just after nightfall, I bundled up and made my way out into the cold. Here are a few shots from a lap around the NW quadrant of the city.

DCFD responds to a call near McPherson Square.

Snow accumulates on a Washington Post newspaper dispenser box near Logan Circle.

A break in the snowfall reveals a peaceful scene in Lafayette Square.

A woman braves heavy snow as she walks through Dupont Circle.

Street lamps illuminate falling snow along 18th street.