Don’t Shoot: DC Mourns the Death of Michael Brown

On Sunday, August 10th, in Ferguson, Missouri, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed following a struggle with a police officer. The report alleges that Brown had reached for the officer’s gun while the officer sat in his patrol car. A shot was fired inside the vehicle, and more, including that which became fatal, were fired outside.

Witnesses claim that Brown was shot while running away from the officer, holding his hands in the air – a sign of surrender.

When news broke, the Ferguson community exploded with rage. The incident sparked four straight days of violent riots, during which activists came face-to-face with heavily armed SWAT teams who used flash bang grenades and tear gas to disperse crowds. Dozens were arrested.

The images of Ferguson, and story of Brown, ignited peaceful solidarity rallies nationwide – including Washington, DC.

Thousands poured into Meridian Hill Park to mourn the death of Brown, and show their support for the people of Ferguson.


Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed after an alleged struggle with a Ferguson, MO police officer.


Raised hands have become the symbol of the micro-movement that has emerged in the wake of Brown’s death. Witnesses claim Brown was shot while running away from the officer with his hands raised – a sign of surrender.


Activists gathered in solidarity, but also demanded justice. Many hope to see the officer criminally prosecuted.


A women wears a shirt bearing the names of iconic deceased black youth – victims of alleged racially motivated violence.


A diverse crowd amassed to show their support, and protest the all to frequent occurrence of racial violence.


Tears roll down the cheeks of a young woman as the names of deceased black youth – victims of racial violence – are read aloud.


Anger and frustration bleed through the signs carried by activists.


Thousands bow their heads for a moment of silence to remember Michael Brown and all fallen youth.


A young girl holds a sign while perched on her father’s shoulders. Many supporters believe the Ferguson officer that shot Brown acted criminally.


A young boy holds a sign that reads “hands up, don’t shoot” – the mantra of the movement spawned by the death of Michael Brown. The boy’s grandmother brought him to the rally to introduce him to activism at his early age.

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