Grand Ol’ Georgetown

Summertime in Georgetown is second to none. And just a few days before July 4th, it’s even better. Hints of patriotism can be found every few steps. Some invest a little more time, effort, and greenbacks than others, but just about every resident displays some sort of symbolic respect for the union. It’s a beautiful sight.

With Georgetown in my backyard, and knowing the aesthetics it offers this time of year, I took a little stroll through the neighborhood above the hustle and bustle of M Street’s cupcake shops and boutiques to see what I could see.

As day faded, I made my way to the Key Bridge, from which, after nine years I embarrassingly admit, I’ve never watched a sunset. A few more clouds would have been ideal, but never-the-less, the view of the Potomac River flanked by the Georgetown Waterfront on one side and Rosslyn, VA on the other, with the Kennedy Center and the Washington Monument dead ahead in the distance, is breathtaking.

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