Protests Abound as Syria Crisis Intensifies

They gathered at the White House, a small crowd of anti-intervention protestors, which grew over the morning hours. Just after noon, a group of Free Syria activists arrived to ask Obama to support the rebellion. The two groups passionately squared off, each straining their voices to drown out the other.

The groups shouted their disagreements, and plead their respective cases while others tried desperately to separate them via a human chain.

Shortly after, mounted police and capital police in riot gear moved in and divided the crowds. Both groups continued their respective demonstrations as Obama made his announcement in the Rose Garden. The President said that he favors military action, but will employ congress to debate and decide on the US course of action.

According to Fox News’ Twitter account, “protesters out front of White House [were] audible from the Rose Garden,” where Obama gave his statement.

At least one person was arrested.