Wheels Down: San Diego

I was recently in San Diego, CA for a wedding, but my trip lasted about a day and a half. I flew in Saturday night, and left Monday morning (the wedding was on Sunday night). As a result, I didn’t have much time to look around. But I did manage to get away for a few minutes.

My buddy and I walked a few blocks to the Navy Pier to see what it had to offer. But when we arrived, we realized we had less time than we thought. We resorted to running a lap from one end to the other – passing alongside the USS Midway – before hailing a pedicab to take us back to our hotel.

The short trip yielded the following shots and a few jokes. Success.

The retired USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, now a museum, is docked at the San Diego Navy Pier, and offers a unique look inside these massive ships.

San Diego is full of culture and color – would you believe that this is a CVS?

Our pedicab driver. A positive guy with 10 years of experience – who was particularly excited about his recently purchased motorized pedicab – pictured here.